Mobile commerce is easier than you think.

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December 11, 2019
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Mobile commerce is easier than you think.

Mobile commerce is easier than you think Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Mobile commerce is easier than you think.

Master the art of mobile shopping and win more customers with Commerce Cloud Digital.

Refocus on today’s shopper.

Today, most people interact with brands for the first time on their mobile devices, and mobile shoppers account for more than 60% of all site visits. We’ll help you extend your digital strategy to embrace mobile commerce and meet shoppers anywhere, on any device.

Create engaging mobile experiences.

Mobile commerce is more than just designing web pages for different screen sizes. Learn how to inspire, delight, and ultimately convert mobile shoppers with engaging experiences that leverage the latest and greatest mobile innovations.  

Deliver truly unified commerce.

Did you know that 59% of shoppers research products on their phone while in the store? Or that most mobile shopping journeys start on social media? Give your customers a seamless, cohesive experience that unifies mobile with social, digital, store, and more.

Optimize every mobile micro-moment.

Today’s mobile users want to address their needs and wants immediately, while on the go. Better serve shoppers and beat out your competition with faster, easier shopping journeys — from discovery to checkout and beyond.

Go mobile in the store.

Give sales associates the freedom to engage with shoppers anywhere on the sales floor. Armed with fun, familiar, and easy-to-learn mobile apps, associates can look up product details and customer information in real time, or even complete a sale for online merchandise.

Make mobile shopping personal.

Cut through the noise and offer mobile users the most relevant products with next-gen AI baked into the very fabric of our platform. Simplify purchase paths with 1-to-1 product recommendations, predictive sorting, and personalized searches — no data scientist required.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile Capabilities

Meet Commerce Cloud mobile capabilities.

Master mobile site design.

Building mobile-friendly sites is easy with Commerce Cloud Digital. We provide a mobile-friendly site reference architecture, popular tools and mobile frameworks that you know and love, and a complete collection of mobile features based on data-driven best practices.

Deliver seamless checkout experiences.

Did you know that the checkout completion rate for mobile shoppers is only 52%? That’s 11% lower than online shopping overall. Reduce abandoned carts and eliminate distractions with features like auto-population and single-page accordion layouts.  

Make mobile payment quick and easy.

Give mobile shoppers the option to skip lengthy payment processes by offering easy guest checkouts, express payment options, and popular one-touch accelerators like Apple Pay.

Win the search engine game.

Ranking is crucial to mobile commerce because mobile users tend not to browse past the top results. Beat out the competition and connect with more shoppers using Commerce Cloud Digital’s built-in SEO optimization tools.  

Get social and grow your customer base.

Did you know that most mobile shopping journeys start on social media? Capture these customers by extending your commerce into social channels and online communities, such as Instagram and Facebook, with Commerce Cloud’s social integration features.

Do you have an app for that?

To reach and retain customers, today’s brands are thinking beyond the website and exploring the world of mobile apps. Continue the customer conversation and build brand loyalty with easy-to-use plug-ins that help you create and distribute your own branded apps.      


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Get creative with mobile innovations.

Stay ahead of the curve and explore the world of mobile innovations with our rich ecosystem of technology partners who specialize in mobile technology — all powered through the cloud.

Find out more and get in touch here.

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