Find out exactly what makes TrendWeb your preferred digital partner.
TrendWeb is an award-winning full circle digital agency, offering leading digital marketing, website design/development, application design/development, and hosting services.

We don’t just build and implement beautiful websites or mobile experiences and execute on targeted and measurable campaigns, we also actively demonstrate why digital marketing should be seen as a strategic investment to drive and deliver on the desired ROI.

The digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. Additionally, attention from consumers is increasingly fragmented. As a long-standing Google Partner, we are able to utilise leading strategies and marketing tools to help you align with your customers and maximise the return on your marketing investment (budget), Not only do we have strong relationships with Google but Facebook and other publishers too, giving us various channels to target and funnel your 'customers' from.

Meet the Team

Meet some of the coffee lovers and creative gurus behind the keyboards at TrendWeb.

Meet Carla,

A goal orientated and innovative digital creator with a track record in achieving and exceeding professional and personal goals, Carla is excited by technological innovation and is not one to shy away from a challenge, instead, she will often push the boundaries and bend the rules to achieve the highest possible results in all that she sets out to achieve.

With experience in multiple roles and industries, she is able to bring unique and valuable perspectives to any project and situation. Carla's passion for people and her profession is only exceeded by her ability to achieve results and exceed customer expectations.

Carla holds a BA in Psychology and as a result, is easily able to understand the client's exact requirements and gives her the advantages of being able to align our clients with their customer in the most favourable ways.

Meet Ricardo,

A results-orientated and employee-centric leader with a proven track record in achieving business results in some of the most competitive spaces through building innovative, adaptable and peak-performing teams, Ricardo is a firm believer in creating and maintaining a positive creative corporate culture where professionals can grow and express themselves, as a result the teams constantly exceed his and their own expectations.

Backed by 11 years of corporate experience in enabling business through technology, and an accumulated professional network that spans across all sectors and industries, Ricardo’s areas of expertise include, amongst others, strategic business planning, project and operations management, people leadership, digital marketing, analytics, development and innovation.

He holds an A+, N+ and multiple other certificates in the Information Technology, Marketing and Management Fields, Ricardo is also a Google Certified Partner with Search, Shopping, Mobile, Sites and Analytics Certificates.