Web Design Best Practices To Follow In 2019

Web design best practices continue to develop and evolve over time, what was relevant last year may not work in 2019. Considering your website to be your businesses digital real estate, you just can’t afford to take these for granted.

Having a digital presence used to be enough to survive but as consumer behaviour trends are continually changing, businesses need to be ahead of competitors to not miss out on a single opportunity to interact with their target audiences online. One of the most important customer engagement tools online is a well-designed website.

Purposeful Landing Page

Its a mistake to underestimate the importance of landing pages. Top web design best practices state that landing pages should be designed with the intention of getting visitors to engage in the desired manner.

While landing page can be of different types depending on the industry and nature of your business, from asking a visitor to buy your products or services or persuading them to exchange their contact information for a newsletter, blog, and or eBooks, such best practices work because that’s what expected by the visitor.

Landing Page Website Best Practice Example
Landing Page Website Best Practice Example

The trick here to keep the landing page design as simple as possible by keeping it focused, clean, and nothing overwhelming to distract the visitors.

Optimised CTA Buttons

Remember to be direct, It is not best practice to make visitors have to scroll/search for information. Websites are meant to be simple to navigate and easy to read. If any part of the user experience isn’t what you call comfortable, chances are that you’ve lost a potential lead. If you have analytics set up on your website you will see this reflected in your bounce rate. (When a visitor lands on a page and exits immediately)

Online Competition is fierce and the digital space is filled with content, websites and businesses. Your competitors are just a simple Google click away. It is ever so important to keep users engaged and interested in your business, the website design process should include actionable buttons called CTAs (Call-to-Action) above the fold.

Responsive Web Design

Worldwide web design best practices suggest responsive web design is a must. It would be a mistake to assume what device your consumers would be accessing your website on. It could be a desktop or mobile device. How a visitor experiences your website is dependent largely on their device type and screen size, which is why responsive web design is an important best practice.

Responsive Website Design Best Practices
Responsive Website Design Best Practices Example

Statistics indicate that 8 out of 10 users will disregard a site if the content isn’t displayed well on the screen from whichever device they’re using.

Social Media

Web design best practices advocate that importance of your business’s presence on social media as the website can’t be the only digital marketing tool but has to be the epicentre around which other tools have to be built. Remembering that statistics indicating millions of daily active users on Facebook, Instagram, t]Twitter, LinkedIn etc, it is vital that your business has a presence on these social platforms to ensure your brand’s visibility and create easy customer touch points and ultimately boost your affinity.

One of such elements is social media as in today’s digital era what an audience expects is the easy and seamless interconnection between the website and social media platforms.

Embedding social media links on your website would help a viewer to navigate easily on to your social media profiles to know your brand and business better.

Hire a Professional Website Design Company

The foundations of your online footprint are of utmost importance as this sets the digital presence of your brand/business. We highly recommend using a professional website design company to build at least your website foundation before handing it over to you for content management.

Although best practice guides are freely available, they are always changing due to technological advancements on the hardware, operating systems, frameworks and web servers. Some best practices are variable dependant on industries or desired outcomes hence we recommend the advice and services of a professional web design company.

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