Wix vs WordPress | Review 2019

You have probably heard of Wix by now, through their massive advertising campaigns that include A-list movie stars, social influences and million-dollar budgets splashed across leading search engines and social platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and the others. I’m sure you have an idea of their platform as fast, fun and flashy. In a way, they’re quite like the Apple of web builders. The one for the cool kids.

WordPress, in our opinion would be more like Windows. A popular content management system, One that obviously favors nerds and coders who can do almost anything with it. Well, while there is a small element of truth to these ideas, we’ll see that they don’t always hold up. Hopefully, our review will help you decide which solution is the best to build a website, that suits your brand or business needs.


Wix is a website builder with a subtle learning curve. The integrated designs are modern-looking, flexible and customizable. However, building very large and complex sites (e.g. social media, directories, api’s etc) isn’t possible. However, WordPress allows you to create any type of website, but technical knowledge and programming skills may be required. Therefore, the decision between Wix and WordPress will depend a lot on how much time you’ll be willing to invest in your website.

Wix vs WordPress Review 2019
Wix Vs WordPress | Review 2019

Ease of Us

In our opinion Wix is one of the easiest website builders to build websites with. Their builder features a completely drag and drop editor, and is very intuitive, especially for complete beginners. If you want to add more functionalities, you also have their App Market that lets you install features in one click, similar to the Plugins available to WordPress.

As mentioned above WordPress is also known for its extensions and plugins. Similarly, the whole software requires a tiny bit of technical knowledge, or at least the ability to follow some tutorials. WordPress is moving into a more user-friendly direction with the Gutenberg update that added a building block editor. But it’s still far away from being as easy as Wix.

Our Winner: Wix’s site builder has got to be the winner when it comes to out of the box ease of use – this website builder is designed with user-friendliness in mind, building a website is extremely easy! Although some would argue that many WordPress themes and plugins enable even simpler ease of use we would have to stick to our decision due to Wix’s out of the box ease easy to use web builder.

Design & Flexibility Comparison

Wix includes around 300 free slick and modern templates which have been segmented into categories (restaurants, blogs, photographers etc). An immediate downside is that they’re not all responsive out of the box, so you may need to adjust certain elements (using drag and drop) to make your website appear correctly on other devices (tablets, mobile phones, etc). Now there is also Wix Code , which lets you add JavaScript and APIs to your site. This way you can add more custom interactions.

With WordPress, if you know some basic CSS and HTML, or if you don’t mind spending a few hours working out how to modify your theme’s code – you can create any website you want. And you will find a massive repository of responsive WordPress themes online. They usually cost between $30 & $60, and you will even find some for free. As with any freeware you would be required to do some extra work to get a polished website or you have the option of paying and converting to the pro (full) version.

Our Winner: We would have to give this one to WordPress due to its massive community and repository of ever growing themes, extensions and plugins. WordPress allows you to build any website of your choice, some with very extra work at a cost, or others for free with the downside of needing to put in some hard graft. Its a powerful website builder that accommodates most.

Wix vs WordPress Review 2019
Wix Vs WordPress | Which one is better?

Online Store | Ecommerce Tools

Wix features a dedicated online store section. It’s well suited for small businesses, and you can indeed sell your wares through a variety of payment options. However, there are a few downsides that make it better suited to small businesses. For instance, the shipping and tax options are limited. An upside is that it also supports digital goods and that it’s one of the more affordable ecommerce tools.

Wix vs WordPress Review 2019
Wix vs WordPress Review 2019

With a WordPress website, you dont have these downsides and limitations. That’s provided you use a third party plugin or have a developer on hand. WordPress features the WooCommerce plugin, it should give you a good idea of what you can do with your online store, which is pretty much anything with a bit of custom code. The plus is that it’s free, but you do have to pay for extra features such as Authorize.net CC payment gateways for instance.

Our Winner: for small online stores (businesses), we would give it a draw and you would be okay with Wix. But if you are looking for a robust and powerful ecommerce website or just want a full-featured solution, WordPress & Woocommerce is the clear winner!

SEO | Which one will help me rank?

Wix allows you to change the page title, alt attributes, and you have a great choice of headings and more. Although the free plan does not include a domain, it is possible to acquire this as it plays a major role in your search engine scores (ranking). A downside would be that images are named automatically when you upload them leaving you no room for optimisation.

Wix vs WordPress Review 2019

With WordPress, you have a few options out of the box, and depending on which theme you use you may have some more advanced seo settings but we highly recommend adding the “Yoast SEO” plugin for full seo capabilities.Its a free and a very powerful search engine optimisation tool, and Google Analyticator can also help with your Google Analytics integration and provide meaningful insight helping you further optimise your website.

Our Winner: with the right theme or plugins, WordPress offers a bit more. However, Wix is still an attractive counterpart for most projects.

Blogs | Wix or WordPress for the win?

Wix’s blog options are comprehensive, letting you create categories, tags, post scheduling and featuring related posts. Another upside is that you can choose an alternative title for mobile readers (in case it’s too long and looks weird on small screens). The layout editor is less impressive than the website editor (e.g. no drag and drop), and the posting features are limited.

WordPress has always been known for its blogging capabilities, and their depending main focus was around the blogging tools, and that’s why it has all the features you need out of the box such as tags, categories, RSS, etc…The way your blog looks and feels is highly attached to the Theme your using which means that certain features could break unless you tweak them manually depending on the Theme you are using and the desired result you trying to achieve. Here again, a bit of technical knowledge can go a long way in helping you get the powerful blog you need.

Our Winner: WordPress is the obvious winner here. Even if Wix is ok, there are better options with other website builders, for example, Weebly & Squarespace.

Support | Help when you need it

Wix offers phone support and has good forums. You can also find Wix articles and tutorials that are particularly helpful for beginners. For the very technical questions, you might expect a bit of back and forth, but in our experience they will get to the right answer eventually.

WordPress does not have any official support out of the box. However most paid themes and plugins include support, so depending on the WordPress themes and plugins you have used on your website you will have a level of support. You can also quiet easily find what you need on the community forums, or if your patient enough by watching some of the youtube videos and tutorials.

Our Winner: Wix. Depending on which tools you have chosen WordPress may provide even more support than Wix, however out of the box Wix wins this one in our opinion. One thing we must point out however is that due to WordPress’s popularity it has become one of the most commonly practiced website builders on the market for the past few years making it easy to find WordPress website developers and consultants.

Conclusion | And the winner is…

Its an obvious win for WordPress here, however for smaller businesses we have to concede that Wix is a highly capable alternative with a very easy to use interface and very attractive marketing campaigns which has brought it much success!